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Top 10 Worst Songs Of 2011

ayyo here we are at the end of a bitch ass year in music. this shit is gettin worse and worse, 2011 was a good example of how lame this pop culture shit is. every fuckin beat sounds the same and every fuckin rapper is lame as fuck. no surprise here. lets break down this years failure in music.

Nicki Minaj – Super Bass

This bitch so played out and annoying now its time for her to get out the game son. let me ask you though nicki, why you call yourself barbie? cause you all fuckin plastic thats why. you practically the michael jackson of bitches but without the talent, bitch transformed into a white girl but she bought a black ass and tits.

Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo – Give Me Everything

holy fuck, this track is so fuckin annoying man. pitbull has been a joke since day 1, I dont even know how this clown got popular in the first place. then you got this bitch ass ne-yo singin like a pussy. dudes voice is so annoying it gives niggas migraines and shit

MGK ft. Waka Flocka Flame – Wild Boy

this white boy wack as fuck, he got tattoos then started to make rap videos. waka flocka is the poster boy for racism, white people see him like all old white dudes from the slave days say niggaz. looks like every little nigga and they cousin is tatted up now… i wonder if that shit gonna trend in 2012?

Big Sean – Dance

this nigga sound like ass ass ass ass. fuckin annoying ass beat and big sean gettin real annoying real quick, this nigga need to go. all his songs sound like trash and when he sings he sound like auto-tune without the auto-tune, nigga stop singin and stop rappin. who you tryin to be, drake?

Mac Miller – Donald Trump

why is this kid rappin when he got a FUCKIN LISP? this snitch been gettin popular the past year but there’s only one way for him to go in 2012, to the bottom. straight up, dudes who listen to mac miller are the same dudes who don’t get pussy.

Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes – Look At Me Now

chris brown laughs like a 5 year old girl at the start of this track. busta rhymes rappin like menamenamenamneamneamneamenamena. nigga old and nigga wack. time to retire old ass nigga.

check out the “Literal MSPaint” video if you havent yet.

Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci

1 word. WACK. Of all the 1 hit wonders on youtube this year, this shit has to be one of the most over-hyped bitch on the internet. little kids are the only ones honestly listenin to this bitch, i feel sorry for the next generation of artists because they gotta grow up with this shit fuckin with their heads. someone from oakland needs to toss this bitch in the bay.

Eminem ft. Bruno Mars – Lighters

for real eminem is straight emo for 12 year olds. doin tracks with bruno “dicksuckin” mars is bout as pathetic as you can get. nigga really chasin album sales when you makin joints for little kids. detroit niggaz is hidin they heads cause they ashamed these dudes is reppin the D. Not afraid was prolly em’s wackest song of all-time followed by this trash. shit is the perfect soundtrack for puberty mutherfuckers to cut their wrists to.

Gucci Mane & V-Nasty – Whip Appeal

fuck 2011, this is prolly the wackest album of all-time. both these niggaz wack as fuck. gucci mane got a fuckin ice cream cone tattooed on his face, nuff said. v-nasty is a white bitch and talks with a fake ghetto accent, nuff said. watch this video blog of her and gucci mane and see how fuckin WACK this bitch really is. If you see this bitch on the street please smack the shit outta her.

Drake – Headlines

this the corniest nigga on the planet. period.

Honorable Mentions of Wack Niggas

Young Money
every single one of these niggas lame, they like a fuckin kids camp of wack niggas. they all little fuckin turds especially that piece of diarrhea cory gunz. nigga your dad was wack and you wacker.

The Weeknd
nigga sounds like he’s getting prison raped while he sings

bitch sounds and looks like a frog

Wiz Khalifa
this nigga weigh 102 lbs. I’d K.O. this skinny with a backslap

white trash dick rider

DJ Khaled
this nigga say “we da best” every 6 seconds. good thing his career fadin out fast
this clown is a mutherfuckin shit stain b. wearin that see thru robot hat and shit, this nigga need to et knocked the fuck out. he suckin niggaz in the bathroom stall

Rick Ross Aka Big Bird

real talk, wearin this is the niggiest thing a nigga could do…
like a nigga climbed to the top of mount niggerest with this shit.

this nigga on the source magazine cover wearing a big bird coat. WTF this nigga thinkin? oh wait he doesnt think. he constantly walking around without a shirt and the nigga like 400 pounds. frontin like he gettin bitches n shit. this nigga aint getin bitches. only bitches suckin him are the lame niggas like meek mills and the rest of his frontin ass crew.

Big L – No Endz, No Skinz

“they wanna know why im so fly, a girl ask me for a ring and I put one around her whole eye”

hit the jump for the lyrics

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What Do Oprah And Stedman Have In Common?

For real Stedman hustlin’ Big O for her paper.

When Black People Watch Movies

aye why the fuck do black folks always gotta yell at the muthafuckin screen?

I Love Lucy!

one of the baddest white girls in the game right now. better recognize

Theme Music: The Kinks – You Really Got Me

Drakes Leopard Print Northface Jacket

Drakes Leopard Northface Jacket

Drakes Leopard Northface Jacket

(give this a second there’s a whole lotta bitch ass to load)

This nigga on his way to pick up rebecca black or some shit? Just when you think this light skin can’t get any wacker he drops a video wearin a fuckin leopard northface bitch coat. WTF is this shit? Did cum drizzy walk into a lady footlocker and try this shit on with the red gloves and be like “oh shit this is hot” like I knew a nigga made tracks strictly for bitch assses but now he pushin womens clothing in his videos. I see girls on twitter sayin “YO DRAKE I WANT THAT LEOPARD PRINT NORTHFACE OMG!!” Nigga please are you just trolling us so hard that you wore this shit… I honestly dont even know what to think with this lame anymore.

Check out the video for a WACK VERSE on a WACK BEAT and listen to drakes voice thats sound like he gaggin a dick down the back of his throat.

Drake feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga – The Motto (Official Video)

TYGA’s Long Ass Neck

Yo for real ima call this nigga GYRAF from now on. The nigga neck hit a growth spurt and left the rest of his bitch ass behind. feelin the chain thou. at least this nigga will be able to see over the welfare line. for real his neck long but his money aint. bankrupt by 2013.

Group Home – Up Against The Wall

“Yo here’s your feedback with one smack!”

hit the jump for the lyrics

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Drake Wheelchair Drifting

yo this made my fuckin day this shit jokes. drake aka jimmy still a bitch on 2 wheels.