Drakes Leopard Print Northface Jacket

Drakes Leopard Northface Jacket

Drakes Leopard Northface Jacket

(give this a second there’s a whole lotta bitch ass to load)

This nigga on his way to pick up rebecca black or some shit? Just when you think this light skin can’t get any wacker he drops a video wearin a fuckin leopard northface bitch coat. WTF is this shit? Did cum drizzy walk into a lady footlocker and try this shit on with the red gloves and be like “oh shit this is hot” like I knew a nigga made tracks strictly for bitch assses but now he pushin womens clothing in his videos. I see girls on twitter sayin “YO DRAKE I WANT THAT LEOPARD PRINT NORTHFACE OMG!!” Nigga please are you just trolling us so hard that you wore this shit… I honestly dont even know what to think with this lame anymore.

Check out the video for a WACK VERSE on a WACK BEAT and listen to drakes voice thats sound like he gaggin a dick down the back of his throat.

Drake feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga – The Motto (Official Video)

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  1. williammcwhorter

    drake im your biggest fan ilove that video my name is xaviermcwhorter im 8 and ilisten to you ALLThe time and ivegot youon my Ipod headlines overmydeadbody shortfomewellbefine allofthat .fromxavier this is mydads emailcause idont have one

  2. hi drake im your biggest fan ihave all of your songs on my ipod and ilove that video and ive got all of your albums I LISTEN TO YOU ALLthe time. and my name is xaviermcwhorter im 8 and ilive in milwaukee i go to nightyfith street schooldragons im the martes kid in my classroom iget AB. fromxavier

  3. Drake’s made something out of his life… You’ve made nothing out of your life, so maybe you’re just talking so much about “sucking dick” because that’s what you actually have to do to make enough money to live your shitty life.

  4. Also you call him “cum drizzy” and say he’s light skinned, but then go on to call him a “nigga”? I think you’re such a clever person, you just have that type of inspiration, the type that makes people want to jump of a bridge and commit suicide.


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