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Wanna File a Police Complaint ? (Arrested for Trying)

Guess what nigga? Fuck you that’s what.

When Does Ja Rule Get Out Of Prison?



Will This Lin Shit Ever Stop ?

Every Asian is a Knicks fan all of a sudden..

But to be honest every nigga a Lakers fan because Kobe there. If he left niggaz would be heat fans overnight.

Heat – 27 – 7
Knicks – 17 – 18

Kelly Osbourne’s Jaw

Kelly Osbourne Jaw

Bitch you ain’t high fashion

for real this bitch is getting annoying walking around like she thinkin shes hot and shit. Bitch looks like a fuckin cabbage patch kid with a jaw enhancement surgery for real. you’re parents are rich so you just buy expensive shit. too bad you can’t buy good looks.

Why Is Hip Hop Dead?

RIP Hip Hop.

Goodbye Tebowing, You’ve been Lintercepted


Dude Has Sex With His Car

dude wtf ?

Chris Brown Is The Worst

Nigga got a camel toe

For real this nigga a fuckin bitch. Get the fuck off the stage.

I Sort Glass

DON’T… throw us away

ayyo this shit actually exsisted, fuck the present b. shit is wack now. i wanna go back to the days of hot commercials like this shit.

Tom Brady Loses Super Bowl XLVI

Ain’t that a bitch when you lose 2 times in a row to the Giants. Brady must feel like the Bills back in the 90’s. I bet Billy Cundiff doesn’t feel so fucking bad now…