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When Does Ja Rule Get Out Of Prison?



Why Is Hip Hop Dead?

RIP Hip Hop.

Chris Brown Is The Worst

Nigga got a camel toe

For real this nigga a fuckin bitch. Get the fuck off the stage.

Tom Brady Loses Super Bowl XLVI

Ain’t that a bitch when you lose 2 times in a row to the Giants. Brady must feel like the Bills back in the 90’s. I bet Billy Cundiff doesn’t feel so fucking bad now…

Bow Wow Owes $126 Grand

Soulja Boy will be the next wack rapper in line for money problems…

Bow Wow needs to hire himself a new accountant — because not only does he have a tax lien against him for unpaid taxes from 2006 … but now it turns out he owes back taxes from 2008 and 2010 as well!

As TMZ first reported, a tax lien in Florida for the year 2006 put Bow Wow on the hook for $91,105.61. The lien has still not been paid off.

Now a new lien was filed on January 9, this time in Georgia, saying Bow Wow owes $15, 279.62 for unpaid taxes from 2008 and another $19.700.91 for 2010.

Put it all together … and you’ve got $126,086.14.

Calls to Bow Wow’s rep were not returned.

[via TMZ]

Nicki Minaj Is A Stupid Hoe

nicki minaj is a stupid hoe.

Eli Manning

dude has a face that wants to be punched.

ayyo eli manning beat up the packers last night (well, more like the packers beat up themselves) but as good as they might be i still wanna punch that mutherfucker eli in his face.

Mutants On The Beach

this cornball gene simmons aka playdoh face and his plastic skank shannon tweed both look like 80 year old mutants on a beach. The next generation is gonna look back at plastic surgery like jews look back at the holocaust.

Get Away From The Door…. NIGGA

yeah i know this shit like 5 years old but this bitch ass society needs to re-up on this shit. ayyo this little nigga right here straight mutherfuckin snitchin on niggaz b. not cool. for once i gotta agree with the old white dude on this one. Watchin this little goof with them cheesed out glasses and bitch ass grin make me wanna knock a nigga out. For real… Get away from the door nigga !

Steve Harvey

You know what I hate? That bitch ass nigga Steve Harvey. This nigga hairline so straight he look like a fuckin cartoon. Nigga barber just use a book on comedy to line him up, cause harvey def aint reading that shit. Now this nigga jumped from TBS to doin family feud. Worst part is if you try to watch that shit you gotta wait an hour per question so he can drop some lame ass jokes. nigga please. be gone!

hit the jump to suffer 2 min of family feud improv
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