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Will This Lin Shit Ever Stop ?

Every Asian is a Knicks fan all of a sudden..

But to be honest every nigga a Lakers fan because Kobe there. If he left niggaz would be heat fans overnight.

Heat – 27 – 7
Knicks – 17 – 18

Goodbye Tebowing, You’ve been Lintercepted


Bend Over

I got lazy for this weeks post, luckily she didn’t.

4 Years Ago Today…

On February 3, 2008 Tom Brady and The Patriots went an undefeated 16-0 season only to lose to Eli Manning and The Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

Theme Song: Eric Carmen – All By Myself

Check out the moment Brady’s heart was crushed into a million pieces.

Opposite Day

that nigga kanye switched up with that nigga geordi

Someone Slap This Nigga

Must be hard to deal with all that pussy he’s gettin

Drake Vs Common…

Ayyo what the fuck is the point of drake for real? is dude just here to make songs for bitch niggas? 2012 is the supposed year of awakening, well I hope niggas wake up and realize they wack as fuck for havin drake on they iPod. Quit bein a vagina nigga and grow the fuck up.

Common – Stay Schemin (Remix)

LeBron Cries

ayyo this is my prediction for june. oh wait… the heat aint even gonna make it to the finals

Rick Ross Aka Big Bird

real talk, wearin this is the niggiest thing a nigga could do…
like a nigga climbed to the top of mount niggerest with this shit.

this nigga on the source magazine cover wearing a big bird coat. WTF this nigga thinkin? oh wait he doesnt think. he constantly walking around without a shirt and the nigga like 400 pounds. frontin like he gettin bitches n shit. this nigga aint getin bitches. only bitches suckin him are the lame niggas like meek mills and the rest of his frontin ass crew.

Drakes Leopard Print Northface Jacket

Drakes Leopard Northface Jacket

Drakes Leopard Northface Jacket

(give this a second there’s a whole lotta bitch ass to load)

This nigga on his way to pick up rebecca black or some shit? Just when you think this light skin can’t get any wacker he drops a video wearin a fuckin leopard northface bitch coat. WTF is this shit? Did cum drizzy walk into a lady footlocker and try this shit on with the red gloves and be like “oh shit this is hot” like I knew a nigga made tracks strictly for bitch assses but now he pushin womens clothing in his videos. I see girls on twitter sayin “YO DRAKE I WANT THAT LEOPARD PRINT NORTHFACE OMG!!” Nigga please are you just trolling us so hard that you wore this shit… I honestly dont even know what to think with this lame anymore.

Check out the video for a WACK VERSE on a WACK BEAT and listen to drakes voice thats sound like he gaggin a dick down the back of his throat.

Drake feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga – The Motto (Official Video)