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Wanna File a Police Complaint ? (Arrested for Trying)

Guess what nigga? Fuck you that’s what.

Kelly Osbourne’s Jaw

Kelly Osbourne Jaw

Bitch you ain’t high fashion

for real this bitch is getting annoying walking around like she thinkin shes hot and shit. Bitch looks like a fuckin cabbage patch kid with a jaw enhancement surgery for real. you’re parents are rich so you just buy expensive shit. too bad you can’t buy good looks.

Dude Has Sex With His Car

dude wtf ?

I Sort Glass

DON’T… throw us away

ayyo this shit actually exsisted, fuck the present b. shit is wack now. i wanna go back to the days of hot commercials like this shit.

Drunk Guy Throws Up Noodles

Anyone else wanna go for some olive garden?

Jay-Z & Beyonce GTFO

No disrespect but that bitch Beyonce got a big ass nose

To be honest I’m gettin sick of hearin bout these niggaz in the news and shit. Jay-Z old as fuck and beyonce boring and shit. Fuck these niggaz they has-beens in my books.

Faggoty Attention


you know whats hard? your dick goin up another dude when you say “this shit go hard”. 9 year olds are sayin that shit so fuck off already.

Rap Chick – Play Or Don’t Play

She’s kinda cute but ruined that by rapping.

here’s another underground gem

Pound On My Muffin

that’s a dude right?

foreal this is why rap sucks. anyone with a mouth and a computer can make a fuckin “rap song”

LOL at the nigga at 2:11

fuck outta here with that bullshit

When Black People Watch Movies

aye why the fuck do black folks always gotta yell at the muthafuckin screen?