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Kelly Osbourne’s Jaw

Kelly Osbourne Jaw

Bitch you ain’t high fashion

for real this bitch is getting annoying walking around like she thinkin shes hot and shit. Bitch looks like a fuckin cabbage patch kid with a jaw enhancement surgery for real. you’re parents are rich so you just buy expensive shit. too bad you can’t buy good looks.

Nicki Minaj Is A Stupid Hoe

nicki minaj is a stupid hoe.

Young Money Threesome

This T&A Tuesday dedicated to all the young money fans out there, cause if you a fan of young money then you def a fan of bitch niggaz. These light skins on some gay shit for real. drake dun takin it from his best friend/lover 40 and little tyga just watching like usual. At least tyga smart enough to know the only bitch that’ll fuck him is drake.

Theme Music: Young Money – Bedrock