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Wanna File a Police Complaint ? (Arrested for Trying)

Guess what nigga? Fuck you that’s what.

Kelly Osbourne’s Jaw

Kelly Osbourne Jaw

Bitch you ain’t high fashion

for real this bitch is getting annoying walking around like she thinkin shes hot and shit. Bitch looks like a fuckin cabbage patch kid with a jaw enhancement surgery for real. you’re parents are rich so you just buy expensive shit. too bad you can’t buy good looks.

Dude Has Sex With His Car

dude wtf ?

I Sort Glass

DON’T… throw us away

ayyo this shit actually exsisted, fuck the present b. shit is wack now. i wanna go back to the days of hot commercials like this shit.

Someone Slap This Nigga

Must be hard to deal with all that pussy he’s gettin

Rick Ross Aka Big Bird

real talk, wearin this is the niggiest thing a nigga could do…
like a nigga climbed to the top of mount niggerest with this shit.

this nigga on the source magazine cover wearing a big bird coat. WTF this nigga thinkin? oh wait he doesnt think. he constantly walking around without a shirt and the nigga like 400 pounds. frontin like he gettin bitches n shit. this nigga aint getin bitches. only bitches suckin him are the lame niggas like meek mills and the rest of his frontin ass crew.

Young Money Threesome

This T&A Tuesday dedicated to all the young money fans out there, cause if you a fan of young money then you def a fan of bitch niggaz. These light skins on some gay shit for real. drake dun takin it from his best friend/lover 40 and little tyga just watching like usual. At least tyga smart enough to know the only bitch that’ll fuck him is drake.

Theme Music: Young Money – Bedrock